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January 2016

What a New Year’s Eve!

By | Kate, News | 3 Comments

WOW! If I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have believed it. I don’t know how you guys rang in the new year, but I did it on a rooftop, in a hot tub orgy of sorts. Yup. I got into a little situation.

I was trying to be good, but you know me – sexy situations just seem to find me… I was out with a girlfriend trying to ring the new year in semi-responsibly, when we somehow ended up at someone’s party here in Florida. After making our way up to the roof for cocktails, this hot piece of ass with her tits hanging out kept making eyes at me. Unable to ignore her any longer, I left my friend with the people we were standing with and sauntered across the terrace to say hi. She was sweet, flirty and was with ANOTHER hot girl.

After a few more drinks someone suggested we get in the hot tub. Of course, we went in naked – who was going to have a swim suit at a NYE party? 😉 I can’t remember how it started, now that I’m looking back on it, but the three of us were in one corner making out and groping each other! I was yelling for my friend to join us, and she did. The four of us really put on a show I guess, because there were several people standing around watching us when I came up for air. I wish you guys could have seen it. I definitely should have taken some pics, but I was way too busy trying to handle all those hot chicks.

ANYWAY – I hope your New Year’s Eve was fun too! Have you hung your 2016 calendar yet??? If not (or even if you have and it’s not mine), you should pre-order my 2016 calendar while you’re here. The pictures are beautifully shot and there’s a downloadable version for all of your electronic devices. Besides a hot full poster of me every month of the year there is even a tear-out bonus poster! Right now the calendars are on sale, but only until January 20th.

I am sure a lot of you know by now that I have opened a clips store, finally! It is called Kate England Reality. Just a more personal peak into my life and the crazy things I do.

Don’t forget to check out my brand new Naughty America scene here at NaughtyAmerica.com – it’s in 4K and VERY HOT! I also still appreciate the 5 star ratings on Freeones.com, and between blogs you can keep up with me on Instagram and Twitter.

Watch Kate England get naughty as a hot Sister’s Friend in the Bed. Watch this My Sister’s Hot Friend video now from Naughty America

I’ll be missing you till next time, MMMMMUAH!