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By June 28, 2017Kate, News

I am going to start blogging again, even though I am in the middle of so many things that I canbarely remember Twitter! Haha

Lately I’ve been working, shooting a few scenes whilst cutting back for summer, and visiting my car in the shop. Something about high performance cars seems to make them temperamental.
With all of this going on, I’ve had very little time for dating. This means, you’re probably getting more ass than I.
I did have a few dates with a few local guys… There was this dentist who turned out to be amazing for a very short while. Suddenly, about 2 dates in, he got super clingy and it was close to scary- don’t do that guys.
The next guy was visiting FL from the DC area, and wow was he smart! I love a smart guy; there’s nothing like it. And while I’m not too into politics, he really was. It was kinda sexy, and listening to him be so passionate about something really got me wet. I couldn’t help but make the 1st move. And the 2nd. Well, you get the picture.
I sucked him and fucked him like he’d never had before, and we spent an incredible couple of weeks together. I was actually kinda sad to see him leave. Eh, not meant to be I guess.
SO, I’m going to keep trying to date a bit this summer and rest up so I can make some crazy awesome porno for y’all!
Thanks to everyone for all of your concern and well-wishing re my car and a VERY BIG thank you for making my birthday the best one in years and years. MMMMMMMMMMUAH! 

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