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It’s been awhile since I blogged and I swear these will be coming more often. 🙂 There are so many new things that’ve been happening, let me catch you up…


First off, I learned to ride motorcycles and bought my one! It’s a black Kawasaki Ninja ZX 636. Since the first day I had it all I’ve been wanting to do is shoot a scene on it for ya’ll; preferably while riding it. Mmm… I’m getting wet just thinking about it.


Oh! I also moved into a new house. So much room that I still haven’t “christened” every room and piece of  furniture. 😉 I need to finish fucking every place in the house. I feel like I should make a series out of it. Just me fucking and masturbating my way through every place and piece of furniture in the house.


I almost forgot to mention that I installed a stripper pole to practice on and definitely figure out a scene to shoot on/around it. I’m also seriously considering feature dancing – finally. I get a lot of people asking about it. I used to dance before porn, and I’m pretty great at it. Would you be interested in seeing me feature at a club near you? Maybe I should shoot a scene or 2 doing pole tricks naked? Figure out some sex positions including the pole and fuck all over it? Who’s down to buy those scenes?? RAWR!


I’ll be back in LA soon shooting fresh scenes for ya’ll! I’m so excited to bring you new scenes to rub one out to. Above all I really want to do another gangbang with white and black talent; I have always wanted one called Kate Plus 8, and I also want to do at least 10 guys in my next gangbang! Here’s hoping someone will book it sooner than later.


OMG, let me tell you about my new, blonde civilian girlfriend! We’d been hanging out and I was sure she was straight. I’m into girls and I had been hinting, casually touching when we laugh, talking about how I’m into women just as much as I’m into men, etc… It just was going nowhere and she didn’t show the least bit of interest in me or even exchange subtle looks or looking too long in my eyes. To my complete my disappointment it appeared my new hot friend wasn’t into girls at all. Cut to one night while we were standing on a balcony at this resort on Labor Day and suddenly, out ofnowhere, she pulls me inside, got on top of me, and before I had a chance to even be shocked, started making out with me! It’s rare that I’m surprised like that by someone. There were no signs Hot Blonde was into me AT ALL. I think that may have made it hotter, since it was a total surprise and so spontaneous. I still masturbate to it. I’m trying to get her to shoot with me so all of you can see how sexy this Blondie is.


I think you’re mostly caught up, but I will be blogging more! I’ll post stories like that that as they happen. So look forward to small blogs too – just to keep you in the loop on all of my interesting sexcapades.


In the interim, to see new clips and others that may be new to you, check out clips4sale.com/95557 and my ManyVids at www.manyvids.com/Profile/1000600793/KateEngland/. If you’d like me to make something just for you, exactly the way you want it, email me with the details atkateenglandcustoms@yahoo.com! If you would like to see me live instead of ordering a custom video, just purchase a Skype show/Video chat in my webstore!


Thank you all for your love and support and especially for rating me on https://www.freeones.com/html/k_links/Kate_England/ every day!! xoxoxo

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