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June 2016

I’ve Missed You

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Well, summer is here and I have decided to give my fans an opportunity to know me a bit more personally by offering discounted Skype shows for sale right here on MissKateEngland.com! Beginning June 21st, these shows will be 25% off of my regular price. Just go to my store to book your personal show! Timeslots are pre-determined and listed here:

June 21st: 4pm PST

June 23rd: 6pm PST

June 24th: 5pm PST

July 8th: 4pm EST

Remember only one show per time slot so book them fast! Just mention your skype username when you purchase. This idea came to me when I was camming and some of you were in my room and mentioning my blog from RIGHT HERE! I had no idea so many of you were so loyal and even more awesome than I thought. I merely mentioned my love of Slim Jims, and a wonderful fan (you know who you are) sent me a box. I was so excited.  I’d really like to interact with y’all more often than just AEE and similar appearances, so if we get these all booked-up, I’ll be offering private Skyping more often.


Even though you’ll be having the access for more private time with me, I am still shooting fresh scenes all the time. I’m packing right now for my first summer trip to LA to make sure you still have brand new scenes of all kinds to check out! While there I am hoping to bring home the XRCO award for New Starlet, but even if I don’t win, it’s been a great feeling having all of these nominations – and I can wear a hot new dress while I snuggle-up to my favorite ladies in a hot, sweaty club (picture to come).

Please remember that I constantly add to my store, and I love seeing your comments and interacting with you on Twitter and Instagram. You can also talk and text with me at DreamLover.com!