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So Much To Tell You!

By | Kate, News | One Comment

It’s been awhile since I blogged and I swear these will be coming more often. 🙂 There are so many new things that’ve been happening, let me catch you up…


First off, I learned to ride motorcycles and bought my one! It’s a black Kawasaki Ninja ZX 636. Since the first day I had it all I’ve been wanting to do is shoot a scene on it for ya’ll; preferably while riding it. Mmm… I’m getting wet just thinking about it.


Oh! I also moved into a new house. So much room that I still haven’t “christened” every room and piece of  furniture. 😉 I need to finish fucking every place in the house. I feel like I should make a series out of it. Just me fucking and masturbating my way through every place and piece of furniture in the house.


I almost forgot to mention that I installed a stripper pole to practice on and definitely figure out a scene to shoot on/around it. I’m also seriously considering feature dancing – finally. I get a lot of people asking about it. I used to dance before porn, and I’m pretty great at it. Would you be interested in seeing me feature at a club near you? Maybe I should shoot a scene or 2 doing pole tricks naked? Figure out some sex positions including the pole and fuck all over it? Who’s down to buy those scenes?? RAWR!


I’ll be back in LA soon shooting fresh scenes for ya’ll! I’m so excited to bring you new scenes to rub one out to. Above all I really want to do another gangbang with white and black talent; I have always wanted one called Kate Plus 8, and I also want to do at least 10 guys in my next gangbang! Here’s hoping someone will book it sooner than later.


OMG, let me tell you about my new, blonde civilian girlfriend! We’d been hanging out and I was sure she was straight. I’m into girls and I had been hinting, casually touching when we laugh, talking about how I’m into women just as much as I’m into men, etc… It just was going nowhere and she didn’t show the least bit of interest in me or even exchange subtle looks or looking too long in my eyes. To my complete my disappointment it appeared my new hot friend wasn’t into girls at all. Cut to one night while we were standing on a balcony at this resort on Labor Day and suddenly, out ofnowhere, she pulls me inside, got on top of me, and before I had a chance to even be shocked, started making out with me! It’s rare that I’m surprised like that by someone. There were no signs Hot Blonde was into me AT ALL. I think that may have made it hotter, since it was a total surprise and so spontaneous. I still masturbate to it. I’m trying to get her to shoot with me so all of you can see how sexy this Blondie is.


I think you’re mostly caught up, but I will be blogging more! I’ll post stories like that that as they happen. So look forward to small blogs too – just to keep you in the loop on all of my interesting sexcapades.


In the interim, to see new clips and others that may be new to you, check out clips4sale.com/95557 and my ManyVids at www.manyvids.com/Profile/1000600793/KateEngland/. If you’d like me to make something just for you, exactly the way you want it, email me with the details atkateenglandcustoms@yahoo.com! If you would like to see me live instead of ordering a custom video, just purchase a Skype show/Video chat in my webstore!


Thank you all for your love and support and especially for rating me on https://www.freeones.com/html/k_links/Kate_England/ every day!! xoxoxo


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I am going to start blogging again, even though I am in the middle of so many things that I canbarely remember Twitter! Haha

Lately I’ve been working, shooting a few scenes whilst cutting back for summer, and visiting my car in the shop. Something about high performance cars seems to make them temperamental.
With all of this going on, I’ve had very little time for dating. This means, you’re probably getting more ass than I.
I did have a few dates with a few local guys… There was this dentist who turned out to be amazing for a very short while. Suddenly, about 2 dates in, he got super clingy and it was close to scary- don’t do that guys.
The next guy was visiting FL from the DC area, and wow was he smart! I love a smart guy; there’s nothing like it. And while I’m not too into politics, he really was. It was kinda sexy, and listening to him be so passionate about something really got me wet. I couldn’t help but make the 1st move. And the 2nd. Well, you get the picture.
I sucked him and fucked him like he’d never had before, and we spent an incredible couple of weeks together. I was actually kinda sad to see him leave. Eh, not meant to be I guess.
SO, I’m going to keep trying to date a bit this summer and rest up so I can make some crazy awesome porno for y’all!
Thanks to everyone for all of your concern and well-wishing re my car and a VERY BIG thank you for making my birthday the best one in years and years. MMMMMMMMMMUAH! 

I’ve Missed You

By | News | 3 Comments

Well, summer is here and I have decided to give my fans an opportunity to know me a bit more personally by offering discounted Skype shows for sale right here on MissKateEngland.com! Beginning June 21st, these shows will be 25% off of my regular price. Just go to my store to book your personal show! Timeslots are pre-determined and listed here:

June 21st: 4pm PST

June 23rd: 6pm PST

June 24th: 5pm PST

July 8th: 4pm EST

Remember only one show per time slot so book them fast! Just mention your skype username when you purchase. This idea came to me when I was camming and some of you were in my room and mentioning my blog from RIGHT HERE! I had no idea so many of you were so loyal and even more awesome than I thought. I merely mentioned my love of Slim Jims, and a wonderful fan (you know who you are) sent me a box. I was so excited.  I’d really like to interact with y’all more often than just AEE and similar appearances, so if we get these all booked-up, I’ll be offering private Skyping more often.


Even though you’ll be having the access for more private time with me, I am still shooting fresh scenes all the time. I’m packing right now for my first summer trip to LA to make sure you still have brand new scenes of all kinds to check out! While there I am hoping to bring home the XRCO award for New Starlet, but even if I don’t win, it’s been a great feeling having all of these nominations – and I can wear a hot new dress while I snuggle-up to my favorite ladies in a hot, sweaty club (picture to come).

Please remember that I constantly add to my store, and I love seeing your comments and interacting with you on Twitter and Instagram. You can also talk and text with me at DreamLover.com!

What a Busy Spring Already

By | Kate, News | 7 Comments

For those of you who hadn’t noticed, I have changed agencies in hopes of taking my career further and bringing each and every one of my fans fantastic new scenes from even more companies! While 101 Modeling was awesome at launching my career and helping me make it to my best award season yet, I’ve made the move to Mark Schechter with ATMLA. I’m excited for things to come from this move in a new direction.

Speaking of excited, did you know that I’ve been nominated for New Starlet by the XRCO Awards? As the last big award show of the season, I am happy to have another shot at a new starlet title for all of my hard work, and would like to thank Dirty Bob and those involved in the nomination process. The awards are on June 22nd in Hollywood, so wish me luck!

Lastly THANK YOU ALL for helping me win Dogfarts Girl of the Month for April 2016! With your help we set records. That was the most voting ever in that contest and it was a dead heat between my friend Lexi Lowe and myself. That was so much fun as we were both staying in the same model house on the edge of our seats. You guys are incredible fans and I took that grand prize money on a much needed vacation to Miami. Since I have the best fans ever, who worked very hard to get me that prize, I suppose I should let you in on one of my adventures.

Whilst in Miami with a hot girlfriend of mine, we made our way to a nude beach. I mean, it’s just not the same having to wear even the smallest amount clothes while feeling the heat of the sun and the cool of the water on your skin… Well, as we lie there relaxing and people watching, I don’t mind telling you that one of the most beautiful cocks I’ve ever seen made its way past me. Embarrassingly – I stared! Hehe He caught me, I’m sure, because he found a reason to make it by us 2 more times; well, the third time I was alone while Lina was in the water cooling down.

I just couldn’t help myself – I had to ask for assistance with my lotion! I turned into a very bad girl and suggested a walk down the beach, when I know exactly where I was taking him: to an out of the way spot in some trees where I barely touched him before he turned me around and starting licking me wet. I couldn’t help myself, and didn’t want to, so the next thing I knew I was on my knees in the sand as he took me so roughly from behind that I cried out a bit too loudly as he buried his giant cock all the way inside of me. I’m only leaving his name out because I don’t know it.  Thanks for that memory you guys!

If you still haven’t ordered my 2016 calendar, click on ONLINE STORE while you’re here and order it for just $15 while supplies last. Don’t forget to rate me on Freeones.com and keep up with my daily goingson by following me on Twitter and Instagram.

Did You Come See Me at the 2016 Adult Entertainment Expo?

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Those of you who did know how completely different it was this year than last! In 2015 I had only been in the industry a couple of months, and while I was so excited to be there, I hadn’t the fanbase that I have now.

When I walked into the 101 Modeling booth to sign for the first time this year, I hadn’t even gotten halfway through setting up when I looked up to see 6 people already lined-up and others filing in behind them! Each day was longer with more of you coming to say hi in person, and while I didn’t win the 2016 AVN award for Best New Starlet, that week in Vegas lit a fire inside of me to go bigger and bring you even more in 2016.

In an upcoming blog I will have a big surprise to share with everyone, but in the meantime enjoy some of my newest scenes: Anal Beauty II/Tushy.com, Anal is My Business 2/Evil Angel, Bang Bus Vol 57/Bangbros Productions (cover), IR Anal Workout/DarkX (what I did with my spare time during AEE this year), and Black Meat White Feet/Dogfart for starters.

And if you still haven’t ordered my 2016 calendar, click on ONLINE STORE while you’re here and order it at a discounted price and autographed for a limited time.

And lastly: I am humbled and overwhelmed by all of the fans who came out, those who continue to pay for my scenes, those who voted for me for Best Newcomer, and each and every one who comes by to read my blog, my Twitter, Facebook, and my Instagram to show their support and interact with me. I want you all to know how much I value each of you and how this next chapter of my career and the surprises I have to share with you this year would not be possible without you! xoxo

Go check out some of the photos I uploaded from AVN


What a New Year’s Eve!

By | Kate, News | 3 Comments

WOW! If I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have believed it. I don’t know how you guys rang in the new year, but I did it on a rooftop, in a hot tub orgy of sorts. Yup. I got into a little situation.

I was trying to be good, but you know me – sexy situations just seem to find me… I was out with a girlfriend trying to ring the new year in semi-responsibly, when we somehow ended up at someone’s party here in Florida. After making our way up to the roof for cocktails, this hot piece of ass with her tits hanging out kept making eyes at me. Unable to ignore her any longer, I left my friend with the people we were standing with and sauntered across the terrace to say hi. She was sweet, flirty and was with ANOTHER hot girl.

After a few more drinks someone suggested we get in the hot tub. Of course, we went in naked – who was going to have a swim suit at a NYE party? 😉 I can’t remember how it started, now that I’m looking back on it, but the three of us were in one corner making out and groping each other! I was yelling for my friend to join us, and she did. The four of us really put on a show I guess, because there were several people standing around watching us when I came up for air. I wish you guys could have seen it. I definitely should have taken some pics, but I was way too busy trying to handle all those hot chicks.

ANYWAY – I hope your New Year’s Eve was fun too! Have you hung your 2016 calendar yet??? If not (or even if you have and it’s not mine), you should pre-order my 2016 calendar while you’re here. The pictures are beautifully shot and there’s a downloadable version for all of your electronic devices. Besides a hot full poster of me every month of the year there is even a tear-out bonus poster! Right now the calendars are on sale, but only until January 20th.

I am sure a lot of you know by now that I have opened a clips store, finally! It is called Kate England Reality. Just a more personal peak into my life and the crazy things I do.

Don’t forget to check out my brand new Naughty America scene here at NaughtyAmerica.com – it’s in 4K and VERY HOT! I also still appreciate the 5 star ratings on Freeones.com, and between blogs you can keep up with me on Instagram and Twitter.

Watch Kate England get naughty as a hot Sister’s Friend in the Bed. Watch this My Sister’s Hot Friend video now from Naughty America

I’ll be missing you till next time, MMMMMUAH!

Busy! Busy! Busy!

By | Kate, News | 3 Comments

Hi guys! I know it’s been awhile since I posted a  blog, but I have been so busy shooting and promoting and even getting my first AVN nominations!

First, I was nominated by AVN for Best New Starlet, and then I found out that YOU – my fans -nominated me for HottestNewcomer! I am so excited to attend the 2016 AVN Awards as a nominee. I think it will make me smile even  bigger while I sign and pose for pics with all of you at AEE. I will be signing at 101modeling booth from January 20 – 23, so cum see me.

Oh yeah! I also just finished shooting my first BBG anal scene last week. It was for Dogfart.com and I shot with Prince Yashua and Rico Strong for the first time. This scene was crazy and took so much out of me, but the positions and the sex are hotttttt. I have been waiting to shoot a BBG scene and I finally did it and got to include anal!

On my last trip to LA I shot several new scenes and  I can’t wait to share them with all of you. There should be something for everyone, because I shot a wide variety of scenes this time. Make sure to watch for them, and pick up your favorites. Also, feel free to post your comments.

Thank you all for rating me 5 stars on FreeOnes.com  each and everyday, voting for me to be Hottest Newcomer. I love and appreciate all of you. I can’t wait to meet all of you at AEE,  but I have a lot of work to do before the event including finding hot sexy outfits to wear for you! If you send me a gown for the AVN Awards or any outfit for me to sign in for AEE from my  Wishlist,  you can get a picture with me in it! Love you all, Mmmmuah!

Welcome to My New Official Website!

By | Kate, News | 3 Comments

If you are reading this you have successfully found my only official website! I will be updating my blog with brand new stories about my ventures and also all the exciting new things that will be available for my fans. Here are a few things that will be happening in the next couple months…I will be updating the website with brand new merchandise including new autographed 8×10, lingerie and stockings, and DVD’s. My official 2016 calendar will also be available for sale in October!

My most exciting announcement is the start of Kate England Reality. I will be shooting my own videos of me at home alone and will even invite my hot girlfriends to join me. It will be exclusive content available for all my fans in a couple weeks. I will be posting links to these videos very soon!

I am very excited about all my new projects and it’s all for my amazing fans. I wouldn’t even have a career if it weren’t for all the love and support from you guys! Thank you! Make sure you click on the tabs to check out my Facebook and Instagram and please go find me on freeones.com and rate me five stars.